You are reading : Age of Heroes (2010), Issue : 4.

This comic description :

Eisner-winner & fan-favorite Kurt Busiek returns to Marvel! THE HEROIC AGE IS HERE! The Heroes are restored to their rightful place in this new era, and the world is safer for them. They defeated Osborn & his Siege on Asgard, now they have one last foe to face: the Mayor of New York - J. Jonah Jameson! Also, MI13 come to the US, but one of them isn't leaving - they are defecting to the AVENGERS? Plus Dr. Voodoo's Sorcerer Supreme duties infringe on "date night", and how much trouble can Spider-Man get into in one day? The answer: A LOT!

Written by : Kurt Busiek, Paul Cornell, Rick Remender, Dan Slott

Art by : Marko Djurdjevic, Leonard Kirk, Chris Samnee, Ty Templeton

Published by : Marvel

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