You are reading : Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne (2010), Issue : 6.

This comic description :

The series picks up from Batman and Robin #12. The series detailed the journey Bruce Wayne takes through the timestream of the DC Universe after being deposited in the distant past by Darkseid in Final Crisis. Wayne has to overcome amnesia and ''history itself'' in order to make his way back to present-day Gotham City and retake his rightful place as Batman.The series ran for six issues, each covering a different time period. The time periods are the prehistory, the witch hunts, pirates at sea, the wild west, the noir era (just a few months after Batman was orphaned), and present day, and usually depict the Batcave or the Wayne Manor. Bruce Wayne also visits ''The End Of Time".

Written by : Grant Morrison

Art by : Chris Sprouse, Frazer Irving

Published by : DC

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