You are reading : Young Marvel: Little X-Men, Little Avengers, Big Trouble (2013), Issue : 1.

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Collects A-Babies Vs. X-Babies #1, Wolverine (1988) 102.5, Pint-Sized X-Babies: Murderama, X-Babies Reborn, Uncanny X-Men (1963) 461, material from Marvel Vision. The Children of the Atom meet the Mitey 'Vengers in this giant-sized collection of pint-sized super heroics! There's no pacifying Cyclops and Cap, who swap "ABC" for "AVX" as the playground becomes a battleground! Then, when Mojo kidnaps Wolverine to star in his arena of death, it's Longshot, Dazzler, and the uncannily cute X-Babies to the rescue! And when these junior X-Men stand up to the Brotherhood of Mutant Bullies in a murderous game show produced by Mojo and Arcade, will they be outdone by new kids on the block - or will one of their number dissolve back into the neoplasm from which they were formed?

Written by : Chris Claremont, Ruben Diaz, Dan Slott, Skottie Young

Art by : Gurihiru, Mark Buckingham, J.J. Kirby, Tom Raney, Skottie Young

Published by : Marvel

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