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When the volumes of Man-Thing (vol.3) and Werewolf by Night (vol.2) bearing the "Strange Tales" imprint were canceled, Marvel published a new volume of Strange Tales in order to wrap up the storylines from the two aborted series. Originally slated to run four issues to wrap up all loose ends, Strange Tales was canceled after two. The storylines remain uncompleted as of this writing, though are reported to have been completed, just unused. Both issues also feature a third horror short story feature. Issue #1 features Simon Garth, The Zombie. Issue #2 is the first half of a "hopping corpse" vampire styled story drawing heavily from Asian myth, but like the lead stories, the conclusion of this too was never published. J.M DeMatteis, writer of the Man-Thing half of the book would later manage to sorta-kinda tie-up some of the loose ends of Man-Thing in a Spider-Man annual named Peter Parker: Spider-Man '99 featuring the Man-Thing. A few years later, he would introduce a new villain in his run on DC's The Spectre, Monsieur Stigmonius, who bore strong similarities to Man-Thing's villain Mr. Termineus, and likely allowed the author to further explore the concept.

Written by : Glenn Alan Herdling,J.M. DeMatteis,Paul Jenkins

Art by : Leonardo Manco,Liam Sharp

Published by : Marvel

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