You are reading : Deathlok Vol 1 (1990), Issue : 4.

This comic description :

a Cybertek employee, uncovers evidence of the Deathlok project and he confronts the company's head, Harlan Ryker. Ryker has Collins drugged and puts his brain in the Deathlok cyborg; While the Deathlok cyborg is on a mission for Roxxon putting down guerillas in the South American nation of Estrella, Collins' mind unexpectedly awakes and gains some control of the cyborg which is quickly recalled to Cybertek; At Cybertek, Collins achieves full control of the Deathlok cyborg and escapes.

Written by : Dwayne McDuffie, Gregory Wright

Art by : Jackson Butch Guice, Joe Jusko

Published by : Marvel

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