You are reading : WildC.A.T.s Trilogy (1993), Issue : 1.

This comic description :

Grifter finds himself in New York City, listening to an old associate named Lonely giving him some information involving an operation being led by the Cabal and the Coda. Unfortunately for the Grifter, Lonely was being paid to set Grifter up, but Lonely was soon killed after his job was done. Grifter is soon captured and Void is able to sense the trouble he is in. The Coda in charge, Artemis, reveals that she captured the Grifter so she could lure Zealot, the former Majestrix of the Coda. Zealot arrives, ready to battle Artemis and whomever else, to free Grifter. Includes the first appearance of Gen 13 (Burnout, Freefall, Grunge, and Fairchild) in a preview pin-up of the team, then entitled Gen X.

Written by : Brandon Choi, Dafydd Wyn

Art by : Jae Lee, Jeffery Scott

Published by : Image

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