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Werewolf. Skinwalker. Lycanthrope. Whatever its name, the beast that emerges with the full moon and kills without mercy has been the stuff of myth and legend for centuries. Some think the affliction is a curse. Others claim it is a disease.The truth is far more terrible.The Wolf is a spirit that passes from one host to the next. It possesses them, hijacks their bodies, kills everyone they love. And then it leaves them, crippled with the knowledge of everything they have done.Many cannot live with the guilt. But some are stronger. Some become hunters, stalking the monster that murdered their worlds. Dillon Chase is one of them. And his quest for revenge against the Wolf is about to reveal horrors that even he could never imagine.The acclaimed creative team of Cullen Bunn (SINESTRO) and Jeremy Haun (DETECTIVE COMICS) reimagines one of humanity's oldest nightmares in WOLF MOON a dark symphony of savagery and psychological horror.

Written by : Cullen Bunn

Art by : Jeremy Haun

Published by : Vertigo

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