You are reading : Spider-Man 2099 Vol 1 (1992), Issue : 46.4.

This comic description :

A futuristic series starring Miguel O'Hara, a geneticist inspired by Spider-Man. In this future, Miguel was a scientist working for a company called Alchemax. In the future, the world is more or less run by corrupt corporations. Miguel developed a process to rewrite a human's genetic code, but then attempted to quit Alchemax, since he was sick of it. The head of Alchemax, Tyler Stone, tricked Miguel into taking a drug called Rapture, which is highly addictive. Miguel knew that he couldn't be a drug addict, so attempted to reset his genetic code so that he wasn't addicted to Rapture. Unfortunately, a jealous colleague altered it so that Miguel had his genetic code reset to that of a spider. And so Spider-Man 2099 was born!

Written by : Peter David

Art by : Rick Leonardi, Kelley Jones, Ron Lim, Joe St. Pierre, Andrew Wildman, Mike McKone

Published by : Marvel

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