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Doom Patrol Vol 4 (2004)

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In August 2004, DC launched a new Doom Patrol series after the new team debuted in JLA. John Byrne wrote and illustrated this series, with inks by Doug Hazlewood. Touted as "Together again for the first time!", Byrne rebooted the series, eliminating all previous Doom Patrol continuity. This series also retroactively eliminated Beast Boy's origins and numerous Doom Patrol appearances in other titles, including the reunions of Beast Boy (then called Changeling) and Robotman in the 1980s New Teen Titans and the team's important role in JLA: Year One. Three new characters -- Nudge, Grunt (Henry Bucher), and Vortex -- were introduced and utilized throughout the series run. This reboot was both controversial and short-lived; DC canceled Byrne's series with issue #18. The events in DC's Infinite Crisis crossover saw the restoration of the Doom Patrol's full continuity, with inclusion of all previous incarnations. Starring: Robotman, Elasti-Girl, Negative Man, the Chief, Nudge, Vortex, and Grunt.

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