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Starmasters (1995)

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The Purifier ships have just destroyed the planet Arcturus IV with a massive asteroid known as the Planet Pulverizer. They now set their sights on a new planet - Earth.
Meanwhile, Quasar is notified by his mother that something strange is happening on Earth. A message in the sky says 'We Come In Peace.' Quasar investigates and finds a massive alien ship in Earth's orbit. Upon entering, he is welcomed and informed that they are a group known as the Charter, an organization of peaceful, civilized worlds. Quasar believes that they truly come in peace and decides to rest.
When he awakens, he finds everyone on board dead. Meanwhile, Aldebron and Sidereus create a message to have Quasar confess to the murders and broadcast it to nearby galaxies. This gains the attention of Beta Ray Bill and the Silver Surfer.
Back on the Charter's ship, Quasar is met by the Charter's security force, the Cosmic Commandos. They attempt to arrest him for his crime, but Quasar resists when not given the chance to understand the situation. Outside the ship he runs into the Surfer and Bill. The Surfer is able to tell that Quasar is not lying.
But now they have a bigger problem. The giant asteroid is head straight for the Earth.

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