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Youngblood Vol 5 (2012)

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SHAFT! BADROCK! DIEHARD! CHAPEL! SENTINEL! VOGUE! COUGAR! PHOTON! PSI-FIRE! Together they are YOUNGBLOOD an elite government task force and the world's most celebrated celebrities! High profile figures assigned to protect and serve a populace that adores them! Endorsement deals, shoe contracts, and protecting the President, its all part of their every day lives! The Youngblood team arrives in the middle east in order to remove a ruthless despot, but a sinister agenda threatens the stability of the entire team. Meanwhile, Shaft is threatened by an assassin back home! And introducing THE FOUR a nefarious group who spell trouble for Youngblood! A new generation of super heroes explodes off the page fro the creator of X-Force, Deadpool and Cable, Rob Liefeld. Scripted by popular Superman/Batman writer and co-creator of Ben 10, Joe Casey!

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