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DC Retroactive: Superman (2011)

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DC Retroactive: Superman was published as three different one-shots, each spotlighting Superman in an original story by the legendary writers and artists who helped mold the character from a certain decade. Each issue also reprinted a classic tale from that same era.
Martin Pasko revisits the Metropolis of the 1970s, telling an epic lost tale as Mr. Mxyzptlk returns for another go at The Man of Steel. Will he succeed this time around?
Plus: a classic tale originally published in the 1970s, also written by Martin Pasko!
Fan-favorite writer Marv Wolfman revisits the legendary character he helped define in the 1980s in this epic tale of The Man of Steel. A true "lost tale," this issue connects to CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS in an exciting and unique way! Rounding out this issue is a tale from the 1980s, also written by Wolfman.
The epic Retroactive event continues as the fan-favorite team of Louise Simonson and Jon Bogdanove return for a "lost" adventure of The Man of Steel. As Lex Luthor is slowly losing his mind, he hatches a scheme that could increase his wealth and kill Superman but will he destroy Metropolis in the process? Plus, don't miss a classic tale by the same team from the 1990s!

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Issue No.
Issue : 1 The '70s #1
Issue : 2 The '80s #1
Issue : 3 The '90s #1