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Animal Man Vol 2 (2011)

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The character returned to a new ongoing series at DC Comics as part of The New 52, following the Flashpoint storyline, with the initial creative team being writer Jeff Lemire and artists Travel Foreman and Dan Green. The series follows Buddy and his family as his daughter begins to display her powers of necromancy based animal control. Buddy is then forced to go on a journey to discover the source of this power along with his own and finds out the source of the power is a life force known as The Red, the animal counterpart to the Green from Swamp Thing. And much like the Green there have been multiple creatures chosen to represent the Red over the years, a few became evil and became what is known as the Rot. This has led into a crossover between Swamp Thing, and Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E., titled "Rotworld".

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