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Greg Rucka Jesus Saiz DC, Superhero


The watchful satellite known as Brother Eye has been hijacked by Checkmate and the insane Maxwell Lord. Blue Beetle tried to put an end to the scheme on his own, and paid the price with his life. Now it's up to the heroes of the DC Universe to put an end to the OMAC project and Lord's insane plans!



The OMAC Project 1
The OMAC Project 2
The OMAC Project 3
The OMAC Project 4
The OMAC Project 5
The OMAC Project 6
The OMAC Project 6.1 - Infinite Crisis Special 01


Rate. The OMAC Project:

The Question Vol 2
Mister Terrific
Nightwing: Rebirth
Black Canary Vol 2
The Judas Contract

The Strain: Mister Quinlan - Vampire Hunter
Suicide Squad Most Wanted: El Diablo
Squadron Supreme Vol 4
Justice League of America: The Ray Rebirth
Vikings: Uprising
Jade Street Protection Services
Evil Ernie: Godeater
R.I.P.D. Vol 1

Last Issue: 1 (45 minutes ago)
World of Tanks
Last Issue: 4 (45 minutes ago)
Venom Vol 3
Last Issue: 3 (46 minutes ago)
Last Issue: 2 (46 minutes ago)
Uncanny Inhumans Vol 1
Last Issue: 18 (46 minutes ago)
Ultimates 2 Vol 2
Last Issue: 3 (47 minutes ago)
Trinity Vol 2
Last Issue: 5 (48 minutes ago)
The X-Files
Last Issue: 10 (48 minutes ago)
The Unbelievable Gwenpool
Last Issue: 10 (49 minutes ago)
The Skeptics
Last Issue: 3 (51 minutes ago)

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