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Warren Ellis John Cassaday, Laura Martin Wildstorm, DC, Superhero


Planetary is a comic book written by Warren Ellis, drawn by John Cassaday and colored by Laura Martin. Published by the Wildstorm imprint of DC Comics, it was originally supposed to run for 24 issues but instead concluded with the 27th issue. The story centers on three characters, the protagonist Elijah Snow and his two teammates, Jakita Wagner and a man only known as The Drummer, who are part of an organization responsible for discovering the secret history of the world.



Planetary 0
Planetary 1
Planetary 2
Planetary 3
Planetary 4
Planetary 5
Planetary 6
Planetary 7
Planetary 8
Planetary 9
Planetary 10
Planetary 11
Planetary 12
Planetary 13
Planetary 14
Planetary 15
Planetary 16
Planetary 17
Planetary 18
Planetary 19
Planetary 20
Planetary 21
Planetary 22
Planetary 23
Planetary 24
Planetary 25
Planetary 26
Planetary 27


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