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Alex Ross Douglas Braithwaite Marvel, Superhero


In Universe X, Captain Marvel led a charge against Death and killed her. But now that Death is dead, no one will ever die again. They may writhe in pain in hospitals because their bodies have been broken beyond repair, but they will not die. They will call out for an end to their suffering. They will cry out for peace but there will be no answer. Paradise will be denied them. Yes. Death is truly dead. Long live the living.



Paradise X 0.1 - Heralds #1
Paradise X 0.2 - Heralds #2
Paradise X 0.3 - Heralds #3
Paradise X 0.4
Paradise X 1
Paradise X 2
Paradise X 3
Paradise X 4
Paradise X 5
Paradise X 6
Paradise X 7
Paradise X 8
Paradise X 8.1 - Ragnarok #1
Paradise X 8.2 - Ragnarok #2
Paradise X 9
Paradise X 10
Paradise X 11
Paradise X 12
Paradise X 12.1 - X
Paradise X 12.2 - Special: A
Paradise X 12.3 - Special: Devils
Paradise X 12.4 - Special: X-Men
Paradise X 12.5 - Sketchbook


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