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J. Torres Michael Chang, Ting Yu Wildstorm, DC


The international anime sensation Ninja Scroll finally comes to comics in this unique new series! Follow the adventures of wandering ronin Jubei as he scours feudal Japan, fighting all forms of villains and monsters in search of the one thing he truly desires: a decent night's sleep! Jubei comes upon a nearly abandoned village on a foggy mountaintop. After drinking some tea from a kind old woman, he falls into a deep sleep and awakens to the greatest nightmare of all: the long-thought dead villains from the Ninja Scroll film, Mushizo, Benisato and Tessai, have returned and will stop at nothing to destroy Jubei!



Ninja Scroll 1
Ninja Scroll 2
Ninja Scroll 3
Ninja Scroll 4
Ninja Scroll 5
Ninja Scroll 6
Ninja Scroll 7
Ninja Scroll 8
Ninja Scroll 9
Ninja Scroll 10
Ninja Scroll 11
Ninja Scroll 12


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