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Sean McKeever, Rob Teranishi Doug Braithwaite, Matthew Clark, Dave Ross Marvel, Supehero


The next generation of Inhumans star in this atmospheric ensemble drama. They're just ordinary exchange students from a far-off land, here to learn about our culture - except their home is a mysterious city on the moon, and they each possess fabulous, exotic abilities and appearances. The product of experiments on humanity by an alien culture millennia ago, the Inhumans are a race governed by the laws of genetics. Here as nowhere else, diversity and individuality are prized beyond compare. The Inhumans have flourished in isolation from humanity within their kingdom of Attilan on the surface of the moon, but what happens when their king decides to send some of his subjects to Earth to learn about humans? Will they be able to integrate into human culture? More important, will they even try?



Inhumans Vol 4 1
Inhumans Vol 4 2
Inhumans Vol 4 3
Inhumans Vol 4 4
Inhumans Vol 4 5
Inhumans Vol 4 6
Inhumans Vol 4 7
Inhumans Vol 4 8
Inhumans Vol 4 9
Inhumans Vol 4 10
Inhumans Vol 4 11
Inhumans Vol 4 12
Inhumans Vol 4 12.1 - Inhumans 2099


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