Writer(s) Artist(s) Genre(s)
Fabian Nicieza Werner Maresta, Stefano Raffaele Marvel, Superhero


From carnival roustabout to petty thief to troublemaking hero, one thing about ex-Avenger and Thunderbolt Clint Barton has never changed: he's a sucker for a lost cause. Get ready for exotic locations, offbeat characters, sleazy morals and sleazier motives...and a hero who's not afraid to get his hands dirty.



Hawkeye Vol 3 1
Hawkeye Vol 3 2
Hawkeye Vol 3 3
Hawkeye Vol 3 4
Hawkeye Vol 3 5
Hawkeye Vol 3 6
Hawkeye Vol 3 7
Hawkeye Vol 3 8


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