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Stuart Manning, Mike Raicht Aaron Campbell, Guiu Vilanova, Nacho Tenorio, Francesco Francavilla Dynamite


Television's original reluctant vampire is back! Barnabas Collins is re-adjusting to life under his vampiric curse. Haunted by terrifying dreams of his age-old lover and nemesis, Angelique, and fighting his bloodlust, Barnabas fears that danger lies ahead for all who live at Collinwood. Meanwhile, Barnabas' ally and trusted friend Dr. Julia Hoffman is harboring secrets of her own...



Dark Shadows 1
Dark Shadows 2
Dark Shadows 3
Dark Shadows 4
Dark Shadows 5
Dark Shadows 6
Dark Shadows 7
Dark Shadows 8
Dark Shadows 9
Dark Shadows 10
Dark Shadows 11
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Dark Shadows 22
Dark Shadows 23


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