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Charles Soule Ron Garney Marvel, Superhero


Back in black and on his home turf, Daredevil begins again in New York City as a new enemy emerges. Meanwhile his alter ego, Matt Murdock, is on a new side of the law in the District Attorney's office. Fighting crime in the shadows, prosecuting bad guys in the light, it's a whole new chapter for our man without fear- including the arrival of the devil's advocate. Welcome to Hell, Blindspot.



Daredevil Vol 5 1
Daredevil Vol 5 2
Daredevil Vol 5 3
Daredevil Vol 5 4
Daredevil Vol 5 5
Daredevil Vol 5 6
Daredevil Vol 5 7
Daredevil Vol 5 8
Daredevil Vol 5 9
Daredevil Vol 5 9.1 - Annual 01 (2016)
Daredevil Vol 5 10
Daredevil Vol 5 11
Daredevil Vol 5 12
Daredevil Vol 5 13
Daredevil Vol 5 14
Daredevil Vol 5 15


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