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Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane

Author(s) Artist(s) Genre(s)
Sean McKeever, Terry Moore Takeshi Miyazawa, David Hahn, Christina Strain, Craig Rousseau Marvel, Superhero, Spider-Man, Fixed


Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane is an American comic book series focusing on a teenage Mary Jane, the love interest of superhero Spider-Man. The series, published by Marvel Comics, is a teen drama set outside the regular Marvel continuity, and aimed at teenage girls, as opposed to the traditional male comic book audience.It was originally written by Sean McKeever with art by penciller Takeshi Miyazawa (who left after issue #15 and was replaced by David Hahn, but continued providing covers) and colorist Christina Strain. The series began publication in December 2005 and was preceded by two miniseries from the series' original creative team, Mary Jane in 2004 and Mary Jane: Homecoming in 2005.The original series ended in July 2007 with issue #20, and was followed by a five-issue miniseries in August 2008 by writer Terry Moore and artist Craig Rousseau

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