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Ed Brubaker Sean Phillips Wildstorm, DC, Superhero, Fixed


Sleeper was a comic book series written by Ed Brubaker with art by Sean Phillips, published by DC Comics under their Wildstorm imprint. The series consisted of two twelve-issue limited series and the events of the first "season" served as a catalyst for the Coup D`Etat line-wide crossover.Sleeper was set in the Wildstorm Universe and concerned the travails of Holden Carver, a covert operative who has been placed undercover in a villainous organisation led by TAO, a WildC.A.T.s villain from Alan Moore`s run. It was a spin-off of Point Blank, a mini-series about Grifter from Wildcats and John Lynch from Gen13 that was also written by Ed Brubaker.



Sleeper 1 Season One
Sleeper 2 Season One
Sleeper 3 Season One
Sleeper 4 Season One
Sleeper 5 Season One
Sleeper 6 Season One
Sleeper 7 Season One
Sleeper 8 Season One
Sleeper 9 Season One
Sleeper 10 Season One
Sleeper 11 Season One
Sleeper 12 Season One
Sleeper 13 Season Two
Sleeper 14 Season Two
Sleeper 15 Season Two
Sleeper 16 Season Two
Sleeper 17 Season Two
Sleeper 18 Season Two
Sleeper 19 Season Two
Sleeper 20 Season Two
Sleeper 21 Season Two
Sleeper 22 Season Two
Sleeper 23 Season Two
Sleeper 24 Season Two

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