New Exiles

Author(s) Artist(s) Genre(s)
Chris Claremont Tom Grummett, Roberto Castro, Tim Seeley Marvel, Superhero


Beginning a new era for the Exiles -- with a new team, and a new mandate, to safeguard the fate and future of the Omniverse. New leader, new members, new worlds, new adversaries. They've barely begun to get to know one another when they're thrust into their first mission -- summoned to a world where the dawn of the historic Marvel Age turns out instead to be a prelude to global catastrophe. Meanwhile, back at the Crystal Palace, Sage struggles with a psychic curse that may well make her the new team's greatest liability.



New Exiles 0
New Exiles 1
New Exiles 2
New Exiles 3
New Exiles 4
New Exiles 5
New Exiles 6
New Exiles 7
New Exiles 8
New Exiles 9
New Exiles 10
New Exiles 11
New Exiles 12
New Exiles 13
New Exiles 14
New Exiles 15
New Exiles 16
New Exiles 17
New Exiles 18
New Exiles 18.1 Annual 01

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