New Excalibur

Author(s) Artist(s) Genre(s)
Chris Claremont, Frank Tieri Michael Ryan, Jim Calafiore, Jeremy Haun Marvel, Superhero


Excalibur is back, just the way you like them! From the ashes of House of M a new Excalibur team is formed to combat the aftereffects of this cataclysmic event! Witness the birth of Captain Britain's new team forming, as a sinister force already tries to tear them apart! Starring Dazzler, Juggernaut, Nocturne and Pete Wisdom!! Guest-starring the Uncanny X-Men!



New Excalibur 1
New Excalibur 2
New Excalibur 3
New Excalibur 4
New Excalibur 5
New Excalibur 6
New Excalibur 7
New Excalibur 8
New Excalibur 9
New Excalibur 10
New Excalibur 11
New Excalibur 12
New Excalibur 13
New Excalibur 14
New Excalibur 15
New Excalibur 16
New Excalibur 17
New Excalibur 18
New Excalibur 19
New Excalibur 20
New Excalibur 21
New Excalibur 22
New Excalibur 23
New Excalibur 24

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