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Paul Jenkins Leila Leiz Aftershock


A world where a war between heroes and villains is being fought to a stalemate, with humanity becoming the collateral damage part of the equation...The heroes know they are losing the war. And in the middle of this world-changing conflict, a new threat seems to be emerging: the Alters. They are mutants, possibly -- or perhaps they are some kind of ultimate end to our genetic road map. Whatever the case, Alters seem to be emerging all around the country... and they are met with fear, distrust, and prejudice. They manifest new, dangerous powers that emerge without warning.

From a diverse team of creators composed of differing genders, gender identities, ethnic backgrounds and sexual orientations comes a groundbreaking first-ever superhero series with a central transgender protagonist created by a mainstream writer.

As the world struggles to accept the emergence of these Alters, a young woman begins her transition from male to female only to find herself also transitioning into a powerful Alter. Faced with persecution by the multi-powered fascist known only as Matter Man, she will face the world as Chalice--a hero for a new age. But as Chalice navigates the path to becoming her true self, she must juggle the complications of her civilian life and the responsibilities of her newfound power.



Alters 1
Alters 2
Alters 3
Alters 4
Alters 5
Alters 6
Alters 7

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