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Eat the Shadow

Author(s) Artist(s) Genre(s)
Pierre Martinez Jhomar Soriano, Nico Sucio Caliber Coics, Crime, Drama, Mystery


“In each of us, there is another whom we do not know”. The shadow is the dark side of the subconscious, where this ‘other’ resides. It’s where we’ve imprisoned our demons – where they amass inconceivable power. Unearthing and mending with the shadow is a delicate, gradual process. But sometimes all it takes is one brutally jarring experience, coupled with a reckless dose of hard drugs and booze, to plunge you straight towards the darkest pits of your psyche. THIS ISSUE: DOUBLE-SIZE DEBUT. Kenji kicks off his 24th birthday by ingesting an experimental blend of psychotropic compounds he dubs the “Molotov cocktail of psychedelics”. But the ensuing lewd and quirky trip turns dark when Kenji finds himself in a crazy hellish landscape – left to confront an all too familiar demon. Meanwhile his brother Renji, with the help of two rogue yakuza thugs, kidnaps the head of a rival clan in a fatal attempt to cripple and ultimately dispose of the infamously sadistic yakuza boss known simply as, the “Barracuda”. And thus the stage is set for the Eat the Shadow series.

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